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No(body) is the same. Because of this, no comprehensive nutrition/training guide is designed the same. Find the program that fits you.  Here coaches get to know your motivations and personal goals. This allows coaches to create custom nutrition and workout plans for you.

Whether you fall into the Pro, Medium, or Light program, you’ll be equipped with:  

  • Versatile meal plans 
  • Scheduled check-ins 
  • Adaptive training programs 
  • Personal support

Resulting in a positive self-view through strength maintenance and weight loss for long-term success.  

Online Nutritionist



Build and transform for complete, comprehensive body-to-mind connection and maximum results.

  • Healthy and delicious meal plans uploaded weekly 
  • Adaptive training guides 100% catered to your body for at home or the gym 
  • Exclusive, 24/7personal coach cell access to push through life’s distractions and challenges  
  • Custom nutrition guides focus on full-body transformation  
  • Weekly check-ins fit your health enhancement needs 


Commit to YOU bundle: 
6 months paid upfront for a 20% Discount
($1800 Value for $1440)



Maintain healthy habits to build strength and live a new, enhanced lifestyle.
    • Week-by-week training and recovery guides 
    • Personalized weekly check ins  
    • Meal plans uploaded weekly 


Commit to YOU bundle: 
6 months paid upfront for a 20% Discount
($1050 Value for $840)



Expert guide for all levels to spark nutrition-focused lifestyle changes.
  • Bi-weekly check ins
  • Monthly meal plans
  • Training tips and tricks


Commit to YOU bundle: 
6 months paid upfront for a 20% Discount
($570 Value for $456)


I’m very happy with Laura’s nutritional programs. She’s been positive, responsive, and encouraging. I had to train my metabolism to learn how to take in more calories and she has been educating me on how this process works and why it’s so important. I highly recommend her services!

Elise P.

I have been struggling with stubborn weight gain during the quarantine. The Heroine Nutrition program is a straightforward, effective, easy to follow plan. As a working professional Laura’s program is convenient for me to fit into a tight schedule and I am never hungry! She responds quickly to my questions and her confidence keeps me on track and motivated. She created a plan that works for me and I lost my sugar cravings right away and stopped getting up at night to eat. I truly appreciate her down to earth approach. I am down 10lbs and going!!!

Caroline J.

Starting a nutrition plan with Heroine Nutrition has helped kickstart my much healthier lifestyle and diet! Before I decided to start the plan, I had no idea what to eat and how much I should be eating to maintain a healthy weight. Kristin is so helpful and extremely responsive whenever I have a questions and is just super supportive in general. If you’re thinking of starting a nutrition plan, definitely go with Heroine nutrition as the plan is super easy to follow and understand.

Morgaine S.

Monthly Memberships

Find the program that fits your nutritional needs 

Commit to You Bundles

Long-term thinking = long-term results.
ommit to your health for 6-months & uncover the best you.

*After initial 6-month period, you will be switched to the monthly plan unless you choose to commit to another 6-month plan. All programs are automatically recurring and remain in place until canceled by the client. 

Tips and Tricks

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