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With a Heroine Nutrition gift card, you’re delivering the gift of comprehensive health, self-acceptance, and long-term body transformation.

We see you for you and appreciate you allowing us to help guide you and your loved ones to to a better self view.

Thanks for choosing Heroine Nutrition. An LGBTQIA+, woman-owned, small business. Take care and stay safe out there!

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I’m very happy with Laura’s nutritional programs. She’s been positive, responsive, and encouraging. I had to train my metabolism to learn how to take in more calories and she has been educating me on how this process works and why it’s so important. I highly recommend her services!

Elise P.

I have been struggling with stubborn weight gain during the quarantine. The Heroine Nutrition program is a straightforward, effective, easy to follow plan. As a working professional Laura’s program is convenient for me to fit into a tight schedule and I am never hungry! She responds quickly to my questions and her confidence keeps me on track and motivated. She created a plan that works for me and I lost my sugar cravings right away and stopped getting up at night to eat. I truly appreciate her down to earth approach. I am down 10lbs and going!!!

Caroline J.

Starting a nutrition plan with Heroine Nutrition has helped kickstart my much healthier lifestyle and diet! Before I decided to start the plan, I had no idea what to eat and how much I should be eating to maintain a healthy weight. Kristin is so helpful and extremely responsive whenever I have a questions and is just super supportive in general. If you’re thinking of starting a nutrition plan, definitely go with Heroine nutrition as the plan is super easy to follow and understand.

Morgaine S.

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