If you’ve gotten this far, then you have successfully purchased your subscription.

Here are a few things you will want to know. 

how do i access my nutrition plan?

You’ll access all of your plans and track your daily intake through our program software. If you need help finding the website, click here to login!

When you login to the portal, you’ll see a few navigation options. To view your plan, click the “My Plans” link. This will take you to an overview of your nutrition plan.

How do I log my food?

When you’re under “My Plans”, you’ll see a link that says “Log Against Plan”. This is where you’ll enter all of your meals and intake for the day!

How do I enter my measurements?

When you’re logged into the program software, you’ll see a link to “Track/Report”. All of your measurements can be added into this section. Be sure you’re entering them into the correct date range!

If you have questions, or need help navigating through the software, there’s a super informative Help Center located within the program.

on your check-in day

Every Wednesday, I will review your measurements, food logs, and photos to determine your progress. I will adjust your goals and supply advice as needed to help you continue to progress.

After I have reviewed your progress and updated your goals, I will send you a message letting you know you’re set to start your next week.

* Please note that if you do not upload your information by 2 pm on Wednesday, you will not receive your updated information and will forfeit your goals for the next week.

Tips and Tricks

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